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Let's Tango Into the New Year

Lord, have mercy!  This boy has been some kind of crazy this week.  I think coming off a little break from the Christmas holiday had Mr. Man feeling his oats.

It was back to full work for him on Tuesday.  I arrived at the barn around noon, went by to say "hi" to my boy, he was being a bit jerky so I left him alone.  I decided to hang out on the porch while the barn crew took their lunch break.  

Checking emails, looking at Facebook...sitting on the porch enjoying a break from the incessant rain.  

I hear a bang from Tango's end of the barn.  Not really a big deal.  Horses kick.  Probably wasn't even him.

I hear the wave start, again from Tango's end of the barn, a wave of horses calling, complaining... TATTLING!

Just as I walk inside to check out the situation a RED STREAK in a blue blanket goes whizzing by...mane and tail flying.  Hooves kicking out behind.



The horse gets to the end of the barn, spins around to take off in the other direction (back toward me).



Now, the meaning of that SNORT was "HA! I'm free! I'm big! You can't catch me! Watch out, Mom!"

Catching a loose horse is a crap shoot.  They either LET YOU catch them. Or they DON'T.

Honestly, the look on his face at that moment led me to think, NOPE, he's not going to let me.

It was a face off. Just as he started to take off again, I walked into his path, put my hands up high in the air and gave a very sharp, deep "WHOA!"

And it worked...just long enough to get a lead rope thrown over his neck.  We pranced and jigged back down to his stall.

You may be wondering exactly how all this happened. Let me tell you, it's not the first time. 

Tango backed his butt up to his stall door, unleashed a double barrel kick and broke the latch securing the door.  The door swung open and he took off.

You may also be wondering why he didn't head outside like a "normal" horse.

Simple. Mud puddles.  He took one look outside, saw the standing water and headed the other direction. Yes, he's afraid of puddles.

Don't tell him that I told you.  He's very embarrassed by this particular phobia.

Today, Tango was a better boy!  






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